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NEW IN Ray Chu AW19 

Inspired by vibrant culture and disco glam in 1990s. The collection is a dedication to those who has dreams,and dare to pursue them. This season, Ray Chu uses much richer texture such as novelty textile from moody jacquard denim, shimmering disco ball glittery strips in knit to matte finishing vinyl in saturated colour of red and yellow. Colours of neon green and disco ball silver in this collection brings out the bizarreness. This collection started simply with 80- 90s elements by applying in to the long slim flared pants, glossy fitted top and frayed edge denim ensembles in different shade of blues from indigo to a shade of horizon blue plus adding dramatic contrasting proportion of fitted crop top to a slouchy high waisted paper bag jeans. With introducing rustic brown soft washed twill denim in frayed edged cropped pants, snab button up shirt and oversized houndstooth overcoat, all of which represent the brand’s uninhibited spirit and bringing more genderless elements to the future direction to the brand.








NEW IN Sabrina Hsieh AW19

2018 AW collection "Kinship Battle" is influenced by the film 'Royal Tenenbaums'. A film set in the 70's based on a family with child prodigies. After being disconnected with each other for many years, on a random winter's day all the members of the Tenenbaums family reunited. The reunion led to a series of strange events. Like every family, the childhood memories of the designer are filled with bittersweet moments. Sabrina uses toy guns, marbles, paper dolls, rockets, and retro posters that represents the quarrels and sweet memories between siblings. Embroidery is used to show the close bond of a family, while wool and faux fur is used to represent the affectionate warmth given by family. The silhouettes of this collection draws influence from the 70's, with the use of surreal prints. Sabrina deconstructs these surreal prints to create a new and unique print. The collection's clean cut silhouettes brings out an elegant and sophisticated charm. The careful tailoring use of Neoprene fabric allows the garment to move freely with the body. The 2018 AW collection consists of Wool, Neoprene, Faux Fur, and Twill fabrics that are produced and manufactured in Taiwan, with sporty detail added for comfort. The combined blend of inspiration and thoughts have become the spiritual motif of this year's Autumn and Winter collection.






NEW IN  Zeemou Zeng  AW19

Exclusive Edition Celebrating The Year Of Pig 

ZEEMOU ZENG is an innovative, premium and cutting-edge designer brand. Founded by Zeemou Zeng in 2017, the company currently specialises in fine jewellery, fashion accessories and crystal ware and also provides bespoke jewellery services. Zeemou Zeng’s philosophy is to create unique designs which possess both functionality and beauty. The brand offers new value through its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship and ‘can do’ attitude. 




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Launched in 2011, South Lane is a Scandinavian accessories brand with a focus on an understated yet striking aesthetic. Originally inspired by fashion and architectural trends in Stockholm’s artistic Södermalm district, the brand’s ethos is Bold Minimalism. Retaining its avant-garde aesthetic and Scandinavian minimalism, the new AVANT collection refines its roots, combining its artistic Swiss-made craftsmanship and premium Italian leather with industrial edge and luxury feel. The AVANT timepieces are individually hand-scratched, resulting in a raw, industrialised and avant-garde detailing where no two pieces are the same.  










Defined as a mysterious brand, living between positive and negative space, HAZE is an emotional connection between the urban nature of the founder’s home city, and the environment-at-large. Founded in late 2013, HAZE is a collective of products, primarily focused on eyewear with a basis for curiosity of unfamiliar materials and designs, as a reaction to the world in which people live and work. Since launch, HAZE has developed a loyal following of sophisticated and celebrated clientele for its high quality products in the fashion and lifestyle categories.












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